About Del Pozzo Designs

Del Pozzo Designs began in 2002 by actress/producer Tanya Newbould. She was constantly approached by people asking where her jewelry was from.

They were actually pieces she had created for herself, and then Tanya began creating jewelry for others.

Over the years, the jewelry line has evolved and maintained one of a kind, unique pieces. Our goal is to be creative, think outside of the box, and yet be elegant in all aspects. We use precious, semi-precious stones, unique pearls, gold and silver.

Del Pozzo Designs represents a love for all things that are beautiful.

About the designer

Tanya Newbould is an American actress born in Manchester England. She was adopted as an infant by a Dr. John and Joan Newbould. At the age of two and a half they moved to the United States settling in Michigan where Tanya lived until the age of 21.  
Deciding that the pre-nursing career she had started on was not for her Ms. Newbould embraced the dramatic arts and traveled to California to pursue her love of entertainment. 

At the age of 23 Tanya became Miss Newport Beach and began a modeling career both nationally and internationally. She continued the pageant circuit and later carried the title of Miss Hollywood and first runner-up to Miss California. Tanya’s involvement in the pageant industry led her to the dramatic arts and acting. 

With 18 films to her credit Tanya Newbould resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband James Del Pozzo of 11 years and their daughter. For more information on Tanya click here...